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DP - 23 Years Old
DP - 23 Years Old
DP - 23 Years Old

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DP - 23 Years Old

If the name Andi Rose does not immediately get your dick hard or moisten the tender folds between your legs then you've probably been living under a rock for the past 3 months because Andi is special. Why is she special Steve? Let me explain to you. Andi just happened to choose the ExploitedX Network for the super fantastic tasks of shooting her firsts for everything! Yes everything!!! Her pornginity lost and first analing on camera @Backroom, her first BBC @BlackAmbush, and yes her first BG scene, another analing and first hot as fuck BGG on camera here @ExCoGi. So what's left Steve? Well now it's time for a little train ride down all her holes so settle in and get on the Andi Rose DP express because trusted cocksman, Jake Adams and new to ExCoGi lucky stiff, Alex Mack are conducting their steam engines up ALL her holes.
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