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Full Throttle

International model Katya Clover comes to Playboy Plus all the way from Juzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. Having graduated from the University of Oriental Studies where she majored in Korean language, history, and culture, she's a sophisticated lady and avid traveler, “I am an adventurous person,” she says. “And I love being in touch with nature.” Petite Katya is perfectly sun-kissed in this set with photographer Stanislav Vorobye with a vintage bright blue car to match her glowing sky-blue eyes. In fact, they are one of her favorite assets, “I mostly like my eyes and butt,” she says with a little laugh, “the round shape looks nice.” When it comes to someone to spend time with, Katya Clover is a romantic and loves to be in love. “I would rather be in a relationship. It’s such magic to be in love with somebody,” she gushes. In the bedroom, Miss Clover isn’t shy. “My biggest turn on is talking about sex,” she explains. One of her biggest sexual fantasies has already become a reality, “sex with a girl,” she blushes, “but I already tried it. My best piece of advice is just be natural; act how you feel with your partner,” she says. Be yourself with the beautiful Katya Clover, here on Playboy Plus.
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